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A community dedicated to the amazing world of Black Music.

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Welcome to BlackMusic_Lims. This community is dedicated to the amazing world of Black Music.
This community was inspired by city_lims by kisuncha
For the moment bluepurple3 col0rblind are the admins of this community and the moderators are ranata & respected. WE NEED MEMBERS.

made by respected

1) Join it [ If u want to sign up you have to be a member].
2) We Start the challenge when we'll have 18/25 members.
3) Each round will feature a new singer/groups [ you can suggest us who you'd like to see].
4) Every 10 days there will be 2 icons voted off until we get down to 4 icons. In every Round you'll vote for the Best and the Worst icon.
5) When we reach 4 icons we will vote off 1 icon.
6) When we reach just 2 players they will be make a little bunch of 3 icons and then we'll vote for the best.
7) When we reach a winner we will re-start with a new challenge.
8) Schedule Time:
PRESENTATION OF A NEW ROUND [ 3 Days ] Tuesday - Sunday
GET THE ENTRIES[ 7 Days ]: Sunday- Sunday
VOTING [ 3 Days ]: Saturday/Monday - Wednesday
WINNER [1 Days]: Tuesday
* You can use 2 skips for every challenge.
9) The icons:
*You must use the images provided. You can use every effects you want.
*You must enter only ONE icon.
*You must enter an icon of 100x100 px or less.

made by tubrute

Round # 1 -
C-1: Dreamgirls ,C-2: Aaliyah,C-3: R&B Female Artists,C-4: Pharell Williams
C-5: John Legend,C-6: Couples,C-7: Videos,C-8: Destiny's Child
The winner : helenbutterfly.

Round # 2 -
C-1:Missi Elliot,C-2:Rihanna,C-3:Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige & Lauryn Hill,C-4:Ciara
C-5:Justin, C-6:Alicia Keys,C-7:Craig David,C-8:Kanye West

The winner : val_120.

made by respected

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